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Where Did We Come From? Where Are We Going? How Do You Pronounce Our Name?

Éire Total Access was founded in 2018. Based in Perth and operating throughout Western Australia, we have experienced significant growth since our inception and continue to expand our industry capabilities whilst building a reputation for excellence. Business partners and Directors Joseph Brennan, Noel Sweeney and Greig Ferguson are scaffolding and access solution industry experts with over 50 years combined experience both on and offshore. Our proven ability to deliver safe, timely, cost effective and customer focused solutions has seen us quickly earn the respect of our Clients.

Our organisational structure allows us to be very flexible and adaptable when meeting client requirements. Our valued, trusted, dedicated and hard-working team of office personnel who support our finance, administration, design, estimation and operations functions together with our experienced professionals, specialist consultants and skilled and competent supervisors, scaffolders, trainee scaffolders, rope access technicians, yard hands and truck drivers round out our business structure.

Our management systems have been designed to standardise practices, manage our company policies, procedures and processes, maintain operational efficiency, reduce risk and promote a culture of safety and continual improvement.

Éire Total Access owns and has well-maintained operational and transport vehicles, and an inventory of scaffold materials and equipment at our disposal, enabling us to mobilise to project sites swiftly to meet project deadlines. Our Directors are well respected within the scaffolding industry and have built and maintained strong relationships with skilled and experienced trades personnel. These relationships enable Éire Total Access to maintain a flexible workforce and effectively resource projects at short notice.

And it’s pronounced Air-a


We provide access solutions to all civil projects.



We are experienced in providing access and labor solutions to all industrial on-shore and off-shore projects.


Scaffolding and Encapsulation

We provide advanced scaffold solutions and safe and environmentally friendly encapsulation where needed.


Rope Access

We can provide trained and experienced rope access technicians to reach even the trickiest of places.


We’re Expert Scaffolders

Scaffolding is our bread and butter. We’re pretty proud of our reputation in the industry and our experience is unparalleled. Our directors have more than 50 years combined experience scaffolding in some of the most hostile environments on the planet, and now use that experience and wisdom to employ and manage the best scaffolders Western Australia has to offer.

We use the latest in 3d design technology to create a virtual image of your project. We can show you exactly what the finished build will look like without touching a tube and allow our experienced design team to be creative and find the perfect access solution for your project. 

Once the design is confirmed your project is sent to our operations team who organise the workload, put together the team, develop a project safety plan, and get to work. We only work with the best scaffolders in Australia and we make sure they work safely, work hard, and work happy. You’ll be amazed at how efficiently your project is built and how motivated our teams are to meet your needs.

Once you contact us for an access solution you can move on to the next phase in your project knowing you’ll have no issues to deal with, no delays to worry about, and nothing left to do but think about how smart you were to contact Eire Total Access.


Fully Wrapped

We can provide full encapsulation of your scaffolding using our state of the art shrink wrapping techniques.

Our shrink wrapping is 100% environmentally concious, made from recyclable virgin resins.

Why Wrap?

Full protection from the weather;
Contains dust, water, paint fumes, and other pollutants; 
Wind resistant.

We’re Great On Ropes

We’re not just a scaffolding business, we’re a multi access business. We have a Rope Access division that allows us to develop access solutions to some of the trickiest places.

Sometimes it’s just not convinient to erect scaffolding. Maybe you need to be in and out very quickly. Maybe you don’t want a beautiful scaffold adorning the side of your building. Maybe you only need a couple of people to go up somewhere really really high to do a bit of work. No worries, we’ve got you covered. 

We’ve got some professional rope access people on our team. One of our directors is an avid climber and has climbed in some of the most hostile environments on the planet. We know how to get where we need to go quickly and safely. We do it with a smile on our face. 

Industrial Work

Mining and Shutdown Labour

We can provide a full service industrial access solution for your project, or we can provide the very best in trained scaffold and rope access workers. 

Request Labour

We can offer a trained and dedicated crew to erect and dismantle your scaffolding requirements during shutdown maintenance. Our teams are Eire Employees, not labor hire staff, so you can be guaranteed the same levels of service again and again.


Our industrial division has an outstanding safety record. All employees undergo strict internal and external inductions before going to site. We have a comprehensive drug and alcohol screening service and we conduct regular safety training sessions. 


We have experienced supervisors who work hard to get the best out of our employees and anyone else in their care. Our supervisors are trained and competent and lead from the front.


We’re proud of our reputation. Our clients are the lifeblood of our business and we treat them as such. We know how important it is to provide a consistently high level of service which is why we build dedicated teams to service our industrial clients. You’ll see the same faces again and again, you’ll get to know Eire scaffolders personally, and you’ll be satisfied that once a request is sent to us, you can move on to the next thing on your to do list.

Civil Work

Perth Construction

We love WA. We we want to be at the forefront of every new development, making our mark on what is definitely the greatest state of the greatest country in the world.

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Operations Management

We have a dedicated civil operations division who work tirelessly to ensure your projects are designed, erected, and dismantled on time, every time. 

Clean and Clear

We want to keep Australia beautiful, so we make sure all of our jobs are clean, tidy, and environmentally sound. You’ll never see us leaving rubbish around and our scaffold is the best looking in the buisness.

Designed to Perfection

We have a team of designers who spend their days virtually building scaffold and access solutions before anybody lays hands on a tube. We can tweak, change, and completely redesign projects to suit you. 

Local Scaffold for Local People

Some of us might not be born and bred in Perth, but it’s our home and we treat it as such. We employ people from WA, we use WA equipment and suppliers, and we service WA clients. We’re proud of our locally diverse workforce.

Our Locally Diverse Team

Eire Total Access is only as good as the people it employs, and luckily it employs the best people around. We love diversity and recruit the best scaffolders and rope access workers from all over the world who now call WA their home.

Your scaffold will be built by our operations team who are supported by an administration team who are managed by the company directors.

Joe Brennan

Managing Director

Nationality: Irish
Experience: 15 Years Scaffolding
Major Projects: Capital Gate – Abu Dhabi

Greig Ferguson

Director and Design/Estimation Manager

Nationality: Scottish
Experience: 20 Years Scaffolding
Key Skills: Offshore and Rope Access Management

Noel Sweeney

Director and Operations Manager

Nationality: Irish
Experience: 17 Years Scaffolding
Specialist Knowledge: Perth Commercial Construction

What Our Clients Say

Still not convinced? See what our clients have to say.

“We have manaed to engage Eire on several projects now. Simply put, the estimating presentation, together with the price provided us with the comfort that you guys knew what was required for our site…We won’t be passing on your details to our competitors.”

George Murray
clinton long project management

“The works were performed at late notice and under time pressures…the job went pretty well. The boys were polite and worked well. I was always able to get in contact from Eire if needed.
Overall…pleasant experience.”

Cliff Oates

“Since I started looking after the Roy Hill shuts we have used Eire scaffolders both on the tools and as supervision. All have performed over and above expectations.”

Joe Brown
port hedland




Meters Erected


Major Incidents

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