Training Perth Scaffolders

Training Perth Scaffolders

23/10/2018 Labour Recruitment Safety Trainee 0

Scaffolding is a tough occupation. It requires skill, strength, patience, resilience, and sound technique. It’s the trade that isn’t a trade. It’s a qualification you can achieve in two weeks, but a job you might never master. 

The Eire Trainee Scaffolder

At Eire Scaffolding we do things a little differently. We’re owned and managed by career scaffolders. Our directors are scaffolders. Our management team are scaffolders. We know scaffolding. We know what separates a good scaffolder from a bad scaffolder and we make sure only the best work with us. 

Unfortunately, because of the relative ease in obtaining a scaffolding ticket, there are people out there claiming to be scaffolders who wouldn’t really know a standard from the stillage it was stored in. That’s why we developed the Eire Scaffolding Traineeship.

We take on one or two lucky trainees per year. The recruitment and selection process is tough and only the best of the best make it to the final stages. Once selected, our trainees embark on a twelve month traineeship which leads to a Certificate III in Scaffolding and a career with Perth’s best scaffolding business.

What’s Involved?

The traineeship is tough. The first few weeks are spent in our storage yard under the careful tutelage of the yard supervisor. The trainee will learn the different tools and materials required for a job. They’ll learn how difficult it can be to manage several different projects, they’ll get hands on with the equipment, and they’ll learn the safest ways to lift and carry. 

Once the trainee is proficient in handling materials, they’ll advance their scaffolding knowledge through our tailor made theory and practical modules. They’ll be buddied up with experienced scaffolders who will teach them the how’s and why’s. They’ll work to achieve their basic and intermediate scaffold tickets and get more involved in site tasks.

Our trainees are required to undertake a fair amount of self directed study, all supervised by our experienced scaffolders and managers. Over the twelve month period they’ll plan, organise, sort, and build. They’ll learn how to climb safely, how to use PPE, how to carry and lift, how to conduct risk assessments, and how to communicate effectively. 

Why Do We Do It?

Investing in a trainee is an expensive and time consuming endeavour in the short term. We’re in the business of long term thinking at Eire Scaffolding. We know that by supporting trainees now, we invest not only in their future, but in ours too. By training our own scaffolders, we can instill the Eire values and work ethic from the offset. We guarantee a return on our investment with a dedicated and loyal employee who we know will have the skills, knowledge, and experience to out scaffold our competitors and be a walking, talking advertisement for our business. 

We’ve recently taken on a new trainee but we take applications in year round and will contact people when we’re ready for our next. 

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