Safety and Quality at Eire Total Access

Safety and Quality at Eire Total Access

15/11/2019 Quality Safety 0
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It’s an exciting time for us here at Eire Total Access. We’re growing pretty rapidly into different industries, taking on more and more work in and around Western Australia. To enable us to manage that growth and maintain our awesome levels of safety and customer service, we’re implementing an Integrated Management System, combining and formalizing our Safety and Quality processes.

For those of you who don’t live and breathe management systems, (shame on you), here’s what it means:

Quality Management – ISO 9001

The first step on our path of sustainable growth is to obtain accreditation to ISO 9001, the Quality Management Systems Standard.

ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard for Quality Management Systems. It looks at how we run the business, how we engage with our clients, employees, and other interested parties, and how we plan, do, check, and act based on internal and external factors that crop up during business operations.

It’s pretty much the running of the business in a nutshell. But an organized and systematic nutshell based on risk and opportunity.

Risk?! What risk?! Settle down, risk is ok sometimes. It’s helpful. There’s no growth without risk.

Risk in quality management encompasses a lot of things. We have to assess risks to the financial operation of the business, legal requirements, supply chain management, availability of resources, external influences on the market we operate in, and much much more. It’s a way to make sure we can keep doing what we do best and plan for any potential barriers.

Opportunities, well it’s exactly what it says on the tin. We look internally and externally for opportunities we can take advantage of and use them to influence the short and long term plans for business growth.

We’ve put the scope for all of this in our Quality Policy which is available on the website.

We’ve spent a lot of time and energy recently making sure our Quality Management System is up to scratch, and we’re excited to have our accreditation audit booked in for December 2019.

Safety Management – ISO 45001

We’re big believers in ‘Go Big or Go Home’ so we’ve decided to not only aim for accreditation of our Quality Management System, but for our Safety Management System too. Woop Woop.

Safety is one of our values and it’s something we’re always improving, so it makes sense that we would implement a management system dedicated to continuous improvement. ISO 45001 is an international standard that provides criteria for managing health and safety systems in the workplace.

Much like ISO 9001, it takes on a risk and opportunity approach, but from a health and safety perspective. It encourages us to be proactive in our approach to safety management and helps us put into place strong communication programs, like this blog, to inform our customers, clients, employees, and any other interested parties of our progress towards becoming a business that leads the pack in health and safety.

We already have an outstanding safety record, and we love developing safety initiatives, but we know we can always be better, and this system will enable us to do that. It requires participation from everyone, so expect to be involved in some new and exciting safety processes very soon.

You can read our health and Safety Policy here.

Your Input

We’re always looking for ways to improve our systems, our performance, and our business, and we welcome input from anybody with an interest in Eire Total Access. If you’re one of our awesome employees, a fabulous client, a wannabe customer, a past customer, a concerned citizen, or anyone else, feel free to drop us an email, shoot us a message, give us a buzz, or visit us in person and let us know how you think we can do better.