Internationally Accredited Scaffolding and Rope Access

Internationally Accredited Scaffolding and Rope Access

13/01/2020 Quality Safety 0

Big News!

Eire Total Access is now accredited to not one, but two international standards: ISO 9001 and ISO 45001

We Have Quality – ISO 9001:2015

The Quality Management System (QMS) at Eire Total Access is our business. It helps us organize our many functions, processes, procedures, tools, data, and pretty much everything else into an efficient and cohesive system designed to push us forwards while continually looking at ways to improve.

Our QMS encompasses every part of our business:

Planning and Strategy
Sales and Marketing
Human Resources
Customer Service
Risk Management

Eire Total Access runs efficiently because we carefully manage every area of our business with a view to creating opportunities, managing risk, providing amazing customer service, and looking for ways to improve our performance using facts and data.

We have a comprehensive internal audit process that highlights areas of improvement and a flexible strategy that enables us to prepare for the ups and downs of the Australian economy.

ISO 9001:2015 accreditation is a great achievement for the business and will enable us to carry on growing while maintaining our reputation for providing high-quality access solutions.

Safety at Work – ISO 45001:2016

We have formalized our safety management system and achieved accreditation to ISO 45001:2016.

Safety has always been at the heart of what we do at Eire. We perform high-risk tasks in high-risk industries that, if not taken seriously, could endanger the lives of our employees and put others at risk of harm.

That’s why we have stringent safety processes that interact with nearly every part of our business. You might not realize, but safety starts right at the beginning, during the planning phases of the business. We identify risks before we accept jobs, we identify risks during recruitment, we identify risks before any work commences, and we identify risks before any change happens. We never stop.

Once risk has been identified, we control it. We utilize the hierarchy of controls for all risk:

Hierarchy of controls

But more than that, we work hard to develop a culture of safety. We support our employees physically and emotionally. We develop strong bonds, conduct workshops and events to promote positive physical and mental health, and we empower our employees with the tools and knowledge they need to take responsibility for safety and make safe decisions.

Accreditation to ISO 45001 is a huge achievement for Eire and shows the commitment of not only management but every employee in the business.

So going into 2020 we would like to thank everyone involved in helping us achieve these certifications, especially our employees who have embraced our goals and company culture and really made it possible for us to hit these targets and grow beyond our expectations. 2020 promises to be our biggest year yet and we look forward to growing and improving with the help of our new management system.

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