Our Story

*May contain exaggeration, fibs, and bare-faced lies

Our story begins on the Emerald Isle, two boys unknowingly sharing a dream, gazing up at the stars miles apart, searching the skies for a sign, something, anything that might help them find their path.

Meanwhile, many miles away, in a land of kilted men, bonnie lasses, and havering, a young man thought he heard something. It might have been the Proclaimers, blaring from the boombox in the corner, setting off on their long and arduous walking trip, or it might just have been the tinkling sound of a dream forming somewhere. He wouldn’t know it at the time, but that tinkling would change his life.

While their respective classmates harbored dreams of becoming astronauts, pilots, or action heroes, the three boys dreamed, unknown to each other, a different dream. A noble dream. A dream only these young stargazers could dream. A dream of owning and operating the best scaffolding and rope access solutions company in Western Australia.

They grew up chasing their shared dream, separately at first, until chance had them meet. All in Australia, all experienced scaffolders, all ready to make their dream a reality. Was it fate that pulled them together? Was it chance? Was it that fabled luck of the Irish mingled with that also fabled fighting spirit of the Scots? Who can say?

We may never know the reason these dreamers met on that now-legendary day, but we know the outcome. The outcome is Eire Total Access. Named after the home they shared, founded in the home they adopted. Australia didn’t know it at the time, but Eire Total Access was about to be rocked by quality service and a Gaelic/Highland charm offensive.

The boys started out conservatively, testing their metal around Perth’s sunlit city centre. Soon they expanded, sending team after team to mining operations around the state, always receiving positive feedback, always being asked back for more. Then they grew again. They improved their administrative processes, they gained a reputation for safe work practices and efficient operations. They took the plunge and swept offshore, servicing the oil and gas industry.

Greig decided the time had come to forge his own path. He parted company with the other two boys, leaving them with a solid foundation from which to carry on building, and gained Scottish independence. The impact he left on the business and those he worked with, as well as the impact his accent had on the ears of the Australians he spoke to, won’t be forgotten.

And so 3 becomes 2. Eire Total Access, and her founders Joe Brennan and Noel Sweeney, move the business onwards and upwards. The company continues to expand, growing further than even they could have imagined, and the relationships they build with their employees, clients, and even competitors ensure that the business is destined to continue its upward trajectory, up towards the starry sky that started their journey and set those dreamers on a path to greatness.